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The showroom

A furniture and lighting luxury collection specially curated by us

A space with unique pieces, where is reflected an enigmatic flow. A flow that escapes between the fingers, eye catching and, at the same time, that leads our attention to an unparalleled universe, where the general simplicity contrasts with the openly hot materials, transforming it into a comfort space.

Simplicity and Quality

A room with simple pieces but with an excellent quality, where the perception that reigns is that everything can change, where nothing is shared in restricted schemes and where the fantasy is the limit.

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Black or Silver

Black or silver, the spaces are an evolution of this game between contrasts and creative spirit.
A lamp should not be seen as a point of light, but as a reflection of an environment and an attitude, characterizing itself as authentic light sculptures. Shaping a space with light requires expertise and experience...

Design and Light

The image of a space is the starting point for us to decide whether we want to visit it or not. The invitation came from color, shape, design and, often, by light.
A space with bold forms and extreme elegance, a reflection of comfort.

Fiction and Reality

A heterogeneous combination of styles culminated in an environment that merges between the fictional scenario and the reality.
A space with very peculiar decorative features which confers it character and personality.

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State of mind

A decor that builds a space where the sensations are boosted by luminosity in an intimate connection between light and state of mind.
Like a diamond, the light becomes the main character in competition with the space it lights up.


A space designed to awake the spirit, the senses and the people’s emotions and not as a simple accumulation of pieces or models. With this in mind is possible to get an avant-garde vision on a space full of sensations.

Beauty and Elegance

A decor rich in art pieces, where the light was also planned to make each one of them protagonists in a space where the aesthetic dialogue happens in a surprising way.
That results in a sophisticated environment where silver expresses beauty and elegance.

Shine and Transparency

Bright and intimate light that enhances the simplicity and magic of today's life.

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An intimate atmosphere is the brand image of the whole space and it’s here that lighting plays the main role ... The colorful lamp, which marks the center of the space, gives a feeling of comfort while it stands out from the visual context of the white with the chromed.
This space holds the light as a constant, staging a comforting and surprising visual game as darkness begins to fall.

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A small and intimate space, where the lamp is a piece of lighting that combines the modernity of the chromed with the beauty and the shine of the crystals. Highlighting a collection that combines the manual work of true nacre with a visionary style, the space sets up a deep desire for freedom by interpreting our today dreams and where the messages cross the senses in search of an ironic and exuberant perspective of reality.

Comfort and sophistication

The silhouette of modern furniture, covered in IPE CAVALLI's leather and interacting with the intense chromatic light that marks the whole space, provides a warm, quiet, intimate and revealing architectural environment. Synonym of comfort and refinement.

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Lamps that seem to melt into the atmosphere enhances the artistic expression of Design work suiting to residential projects and hotels.
Lighting is the reflection of technological evolution and at the same time a mirror of emotions.

Limitless magic

The founder wanted to offer you a space in which the imagination has no limits and where the magic of color is a vivid picture.


At LEAL JÚNIOR, each visit provides unique sensations.
We know that an exquisite environment is essential to ensure quality of life and an individual sense of well-being.