LBF Mobiliário | Furniture Experts

Based on professionalism and responsiveness, Leal Júnior is also present in industry, stimulating all spaces with its own suitable light.

At LBF – Furniture Industry, existing for 50 years and nowadays with a completely new and contemporary space, there was the concern – in concert with Architect Paulo Barros – to clearly establish all the areas where the light would be crucial, for a perfect result.

When we refer to working spaces where the professionals spend hours, the light is essential for their comfort, wellbeing and work performance.

The suspension Giga Led on the production area broadly allows to level all the light.

For administration areas, common accesses and showroom, all was very carefully thought.

The suspension “Spy” is a light structure that floats above the working tables, as if it testifies the room daily routine, it allows to spread the light that is extended on the vertical orientation double effect, on both opposite ways. The ascending lighting, reflected on the white ceilings, allows a blending with the direct light descending above the working plans.

A showroom is always a showroom, where light is its prime company, which only happens when we see and we only see when we have light, becoming the main responsible for all the set.

Therefore, completing this work was absolute and totally satisfying, where light became an allied to all the features

Decor Lighting